Multi-LED Directional Panel
Multi-LED Directional Panel

MULTI-LED Lamps represent the building blocks of efficient traffic management. Our LED Systems are of highest quality and sophistication. All our MULTI-LED lamps are EN 12352 Compliant. 

Our proud MULTI-LED lamp series allow the best performance for:


-Luminous Intensity

-Ease of use

-Uniform Luminance 

-Reliability & Durability

-Flexibile functions

-Tailor made for client


Each client have their specific needs, we are experts at catering to these needs and making tailor made lighting systems made to order for your specific needs. We can create features such as flashing time, automatic brightness reduction at night, automatic activation and deactivation, background light emission etc. just to name a few. We also have a series of matching controllers for each application. 


Standard MULTI-LED Configurations


Standard Flash:   Light LED Exposure time Approximately 0.5 seconds 

Short Flash:        Light LED Exposure time Approximately 0.05 seconds 

Strobo Flash:      Light LED Exposure is a fast sequence of three (3) short flashes 


Synchronization of Paired Lamps:

Synchronous Mode: Lamps flash together

Asynchronous Mode: Lamps flash alternately

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8 multi-led 200mm Directional Panel



8 multi-led 100mm Directional Panel 


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Allows arrow pointing right or left or double arrow push button



16 Multiled 200 series Directional Panel



16 Multiled 100 series Directional Panel


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15 multi-led 200mm Directional Panel


15 multi-led 100mm Directional Panel


13 multi-led 200mm Directional Panel


13 multi-led 100mm Directional Panel


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Arrow Boards comprise of high efficent LED lamps which make

up a left arrow, right arrow, double headed arrow.


Optional Accessories:

-connecting cables

-power supply cables

-controller set


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