Synchro Sequential System
Synchro Lighting System

This  generates a luminous sequence to indicate clearly detours or work-in-progress along the road.


Coordination among thel ights are either via cables or

via radio wave(wireless)



1. each lamp of the SYNCHRO BLINKER sequence can            assume any position in the sequence.

2. the lamps reduce brightness automatically during the night.

3. endure tough & adverse condition by top quality plastic material and metal  connectors.


Cabled Synchro Blinker Slave Lamp

Cabled Synchro Blinker Slave Lamp

1- position the lamps along the lane


2- connect the lamp with the cable

3- connect the first lamp to the battery/power supply 12V D.C.


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Radio Sunchro Sequential Light System

This is a luminous sequence through wireless connection.​​


-automatic self position detection

-automatic sequence recovery after battery replacement'-automatic brightness adjustment


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-automatic squence recovery when 1 unit turns off due to low battery



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